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Stay Interviews are a strategic tool for retaining top talent and new hires. It enables organisations to pro-actively engage new hires and gain real time insights into the onboarding experiences, employee expectations, and needs. They aim to understand employees’ satisfaction, engagement, and potential reasons for leaving in order to anticipate and address any retention risks early in the employment journey.

Why Avita versus traditional stay interviews?

Saving time with consistency.

Talent teams don’t always have the capacity and systems in place to schedule stay interviews consistently. Bid farewell to scheduling conflicts, ensuring interviews fit your schedule effortlessly. With Avita, you can be sure that every employee will be engaged.

Enhancing Employer Branding

Traditionally organisations use online generic surveys to conduct stay interviews. With Avita, stay interviews enhance employer branding through professionalism, personalisation and brand alignment. Employees feel valued and connected to the organisation resulting in positive perception and retention of top talent.

In-depth Insights

Centralised survey data is not helpful, nor personal. It lacks context, answers are prepared and not authentic. With Avita, you can get comprehensive insights into the experiences, feelings, non-verbal cues and perceptions of individuals through video feedback.

Actioning Employee Feedback

The success of stay interviews hinges on taking action based on employee feedback. If talent teams can’t ensure that appropriate action is taken, then they will feel discouraged to participate. With Avita, you can immediately flag any concerns and escalate for resolution.

Benefits of our immersive stay interview technology

Early engagement and connection

This proactive approach facilitates the establishment of meaningful connections, laying the foundation for a positive employer / employee relationship. 

Proactive Issue Identification

Empowers organisations to take a proactive stance in identifying potential issues before they escalate. Traditional approaches, such as exit interviews, often come too late, missing the opportunity to address concerns in real time

Tailored Development Plans

Stay interview technology is pivotal in crafting tailored development plans for new hires, aligning individual aspirations with organisational objectives.

Enhanced Employee Wellbeing

By engaging in open and transparent conversations during the onboarding process, organisations can uncover factors influencing new hires’ mental and emotional health.

Improved Job Satisfaction

Through targeted questioning during onboarding, organisations can gain valuable insights into the factors that enhance or hinder new hires’ overall job experience.

Increased Loyalty and Commitment

By establishing a foundation of trust and communication early in the employee’s tenure, addressing concerns and listening to new hires’ aspirations cultivate a sense of value and investment in the organisation.

Effective Communication Channels

By leveraging this technology during onboarding, organisations create structured platforms for discussions, ensuring that concerns and feedback are exchanged seamlessly. 

Retention of Top Talent

By utilising insights gained through these interviews, organisations can develop targeted retention strategies that align with their key personnel’s specific needs and aspirations.

Adaptability to Changing Needs

By regularly engaging in stay interviews, companies can stay attuned to their workforce’s changing needs, expectations, and preferences.

Positive employer brand

Employees who experience the proactive and supportive nature of stay interviews are more likely to share positive sentiments about their workplace. This positive word-of-mouth becomes a powerful tool for attracting top talent in the competitive job market.

How does Avita stay interviews work?


Design the stay interview and send a link to employees that will allow them to record their video answers in their own time.

Start Reviewing

Review the employees’ stay interviews in your own time, as soon as it has been completed.

Address Concerns Immediately

Evaluate answers to gain insight into possible areas of concern and action timeously.

Meet your match. Meet ROI.

Improve your retention, make fast informed decisions and get back to employees all while saving time and ultimately money.