Let’s make your hiring at least 70% more efficient.

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Break free from hiring headaches

Does this sound familiar to you?

• Vacancies pilling up?
• Roles need filling now?
• Not enough hours in the day?
• Difficulty identifying the right candidates?

• Hiring managers delaying the process?
• All admin, no strategic play?
• No time to get back to candidates?
• Inconsistent interviews?
• Trying to understand culture fit?

You deserve a break!  (Plus, some time to breathe! Whew.)

Learn how top employers screen candidates using our automated screening software.

Meet Avita, your virtual screening assistant

Let's Make Your Hiring At Least 70% More Efficient

Avita automates your screening interviews so you can:

Interview anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Conduct hundreds of interviews in no time, without needing to be present! That’s right. You select the questions, send the interview link to as many candidates as you like and let Avita take care of the rest. You will have completed video interviews waiting for you in no time.

Create a memorable brand experience

Automate the employer brand experience and value proposition. Include unique content in your interview design such as an employer brand video, your company values and job specific information.

Get hiring manager input in no time.

Let hiring managers view your shortlisted interviews sooner, in their own time, to allow you to fill the role sooner.

Reduce bias by allowing multiple reviewers.

Share interviews with hiring managers or panel members to review, rate, comment and collaborate.

Gauge culture fit quickly.

Review candidates quickly. You probably know if a candidate is a culture fit within the first few minutes of the interview.

Provide a consistent and fair interview experience.

Define a standard interview process and design your interview using your own questions or select from a library of over 3000 + scientific interview questions.

Always on interviews.

Build a continuous quality pipeline for future hires. Always on interviews for always on recruitment!

Provide a consistent and fair interview experience.

Reach more potential candidates and increase your quality of hire by screening more candidates as part of the process.

Meet your match. Meet ROI.

Improve your process, make fast informed decisions and get back to candidates all while saving time and ultimately money.

Hire Fast

Avita interviews 24/7. You watch anywhere, anytime. Play. Fast forward. Rewind.  

Hire Right

Find the right candidates with a database of scientifically-proven questions.

Hire Human

Avita creates an engaging, humanised candidate experience whilst promoting your employer brand

Hire with Set Prices

Your prices shouldn’t scale as your team does. Enjoy set pricing

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